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Members Rewards Scheme

Membership Reward Discounts

Hurry and enrol to our gym! First 500 members will register as Royalty Members. There is a special discount rate on the reference as well. The more members you get or refer to the gym, the more discounts you will get. You will receive £1.50 off on each member, get lucky to get a discount of £1.5 on the payable amount for every member you get to the gym. For example, if you bring 5 members you will get £7.5 (1.50*5) discount on the membership amount for the month.


Every student will get 15% discount on the membership rewards if they have the student ID proof and any other form of valid identifications.

Lifetime member

You can enroll for the lifetime membership at our gym and get the discount on the member amounts. When you enroll as the first 500 members at Kickstart Gym, you will receive a fixed amount of lifetime membership fee. That is to say, even if our prices rise in the future, the first 500 members will be paying the same membership amount with what they started. So, hurry and enroll today!!