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Shed off the extra fat with the help of the steam service available at our gym. Perspiration is the key source to lose weight. A steam bath offers the holistic health treatment which is geared to get impurities from your body. It is a bit different from the sauna, as in this the effect is brought about by use of wet heat rather than dry. The steam room has to separately make in order to make a perfect ambiance for the steam bath.

infrared sauna

If you are looking for the dry heat to get rid of your extra fat choose infrared sauna. Sauna has been one of the best treatments to be fatless within the least of time. It is mainly a room where you can accumulate and take the pleasure of experiencing the infrared sauna and burn out the fat easily. People mainly make it a point that they get the infrared treatment once a month. This is to easily get relieved from the exhausted gym training and at the same shed off the water fat in your body.

Group Classes

Spinning classes is a high-intensity cardio exercise that makes the possibility of the weight loss easier. It is like cycling and offers immense benefits if done properly. We also have Yoga classes that will help you to become a fitter you. Yoga has immense power to align with the body, soul, and mind at one time and has many benefits as well. If you want to lose weight in a dancing style, we also have the Zumba classes. This will help you to move with the groove while the fatty part sheds off automatically.

Biometric Access

We know our customers properly. With the help of the biometric access, all your information is secured with us. If you have already paid for the year long service, we will have the information saved in the biometric and make sure that you are not asked twice for the payment details. We offer hassle-free fitness training. You can access the biometric to enter the gym and also mark your attendance here. With Kickstart Gym, you will be provided facilities that you need.

Free Wifi

Apart from all the fitness training that you get, you will also get the free WiFi network inside the gym. We understand the need of our customers and promise to provide them all that they need.